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Cedar County Auditor
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In 2019

*A voter who is pre-registered in the precinct where the voter lives and who votes at the polls will be required to provide an approved form of identification before casting a regular ballot.  A pre-registered voter who moved to a new precinct in the county will also be required to provide proof of residence.

*A person who registers on Election Day is required to provide an approved form of identification and proof of residence.

*Attester:  A voter who cannot provide sufficient proof of identification and/or residence may use an attester.  An attester must be a registered voter in the same precinct.

*Provisional Ballot: A voter who cannot provide sufficient proof of identification and/or residence, or whose eligibility is in question, has the right to cast a provisional ballot.  A voter who casts a provisional ballot has the right to present proof of eligibility.

*A voter ID PIN card is only mailed to a registered voter who does not have an Iowa Driver's License or Iowa non-operator ID card.  A voter who needs a replacement PIN card should contact their county auditor.


Click here to visit the Secretary of State's website and learn more about changes to Iowa's voter identification regulations.

Cedar County Republican Party
Velma Hubner- Chairperson
(563) 452-1040

Cedar County Democratic Party
Laura Twing- Chairperson
(319) 331-6579

Cedar County Voting Precinct Map
City of Tipton Wards

West Branch 1-Federal Elections Only


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Please mail your completed forms to:
Cedar County Auditor's Office
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*Please note: The request with your original signature needs to be sent to, and received by, our office before your ballot may be counted*


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For more information and to download forms regarding Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosures:
Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board


- A Primary Election is an election in which voters in a jurisdiction select candidates for a subsequent election (nominating primary). In other words, primary elections are generally when each political party decides its nominee for the upcoming general election. Primaries are common in the United States, where they trace their origin to the progressive movement. Elsewhere in the world, the nomination of candidates is usually the responsibility of political parties and does not make use of the public apparatus for holding elections.

- A General Election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are up for election. The term is usually used to refer to elections held for a nation's primary legislative body, as distinguished from by-elections and local elections.

-Beginning in 2019, City and School Elections will be combinded. They will occur bi-annually in odd numbers year in November. City elections are used to elect the Mayor and Council Members for spicific cities
in Cedar County. School elections are used to elect school board members for specific school districts located in and adjacent to Cedar County.

- A Special Election is any election that is not a regular scheduled election. The election may be called for by any taxing authority in Cedar County, including city councils, the county board of supervisors, school boards or by any other governing body for any purpose authorized or required as defined by the Code of Iowa.